The Weather Channel Offers Their Version Of Election Coverage

November 8, 2016


It seems that the nation has been in the middle of a presidential election for year but fortunately, it all comes down to today for voting and tonight for the counting.  But of you are done with the election and would rather not spend the night watching returns, The Weather Channel is bringing back an old classic; smooth jazz mixed in with weather pictures and nature scenes.  Starting this afternoon at 3pm through midnight, the channel will air serene pictures of nature accompanied by its infamous smooth jazz heard every 8 minutes for the local weather report.  A Weather Channel rep says the programming will be interrupted if severe weather alerts need to be communicated, and local forecasts will still appear on the 8s. But otherwise, it'll be "the most beautiful, awe-inspiring, and calming weather video and scenery ever caught on tape," the channel promises. "It's going to be huge."

SOURCE: Newser

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