The Wearable Chair Means No More Standing Around

July 28, 2017

© Visivasnc | Dreamstime

Going to the theme park you know how tiring it is standing in line.  Well now you don't have to and a fast pass is not needed! What you need is the Chairless Chair! It's an exoskeleton system you strap on yourself and can be used as a seat with the push of a button.  The Chairless Chair uses shoulder, waist, and shoe straps to keep it snug on your body.  Then when you're ready to have a seat, begin to squat down (like you would to a chair) and the exoskeleton on your legs and rear to tense up  to where you can put all your weight on your seat and voila! The Chairless Chair weighs about four and a half pounds yet can hold up to 220lb per leg. For now, The Chairless Chair is being tested at car assembly lines on workers who stand alot.  Perhaps a consumer version will be released soon...we hope?