Ways Toothpaste Can Work In the Kitchen

January 12, 2018

© Penchan Pumila | Dreamstime

You'd expect to see a tube of toothpaste in the bathroom.  But here are a few reasons to keep a tube in the kitchen. Gently rubbing non-gel toothpaste on water rings can remove them from a wooden table. Squirt a dab on your hands and rub it all around after cutting fish, onions, garlic and other aroma full items to rid them on the smell. Using toothpaste and a scouring pad on your plastic food storage containers should eliminate smells that linger after the food is gone. Finally, when you think your toothpaste tube is empty, whether it's the one you've been using to brush your teeth or the one you keep in the kitchen, cut off the top of the tube, fill the tube with warm water, and then pour the toothpaste water down your disposal. You'll be freshening up your disposal and, incidentally, not allowing a single drop of toothpaste to go to waste!

SOURCE: Apartment Therapy

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