Ways To Fill Up Your Calendar Smartly To Avoid Unnecessary Interruptions

September 25, 2017

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With the convenience of your phone's calendar syncing up with your work calendar, you may find it hard to get your job done as you navigate through the meeting requests that digitally chime in on your calendar.  But rather than blocking out your workday with the "busy" or "do not disturb," which can be interpreted by others and your superiors has having a bad attitude, we’ve got a more strategic way to handle it. For instance, mark out 30-60 minutes after your currently scheduled meetings and mark them as "meeting action items".  Not only will it show you are immediately working on solutions from the recently concluded meeting, it allows some buffer time to prevent back-to-back meetings.  Also earmark the first 60 minutes of your day and remaining 30 minutes of your day (or some combination) as "project work" segments so you can count on those times to be uninterrupted.  Finally, if you must be “unavailable", use it sparingly; perhaps up to an hour every other day.  At the very least you will show your co-workers your time is valuable and you get a reputation of being a team player rather than a "busy" block avoider!

SOURCE: Lifehacker

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