Watergate Hotel Room Get The "Scandal" Treatment For Anniversary

November 6, 2017

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Before 1972 you'd be hard pressed to find anyone in America that knew of the Watergate complex in Washington DC, unless you lived or worked there.  However history has forever conjured up the phrase "(blank) gate" when anything has to do with scandal and it all started in room 214 of the Watergate Hotel. That is where two men orchestrated the break-in at Democratic National Convention headquarters, right next to the hotel. To mark the 45th anniversary, room 214 has been re-named “Scandal Room,” where you can check in and be taken back in time. The room has been redecorated by set designers who work on the TV show, Scandal, to mark the Watergate Hotel's 50th anniversary. Inside room 214, guests will find newspaper clippings about the scandal on the wall. Much of the furniture inside the room is reminiscent of what would have adorned a political office in the early 1970s, including a vintage typewriter and desk. The Watergate Scandal Room 214 can be booked starting at $800 per night but you don't have to check in to room 214 to relive history.  According to the hotels press release, all the room key cards read, “no need to break in,” pencils in each room are stamped with, "“I stole this from the Watergate Hotel” and instead of hold music, guests will listen to excerpts from President Nixon’s speeches.

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