Waterbeds Set For A Millennial Comeback

January 30, 2018

© Jan Spelda | Dreamstime

You may not know who Charlie Hall is but if you slept on a waterbed at one time in your life, you can thank him for it. Charlie Hall patented the waterbed in 1971 and it quickly became a household item found in many bedrooms through the 1970S and 1980s.  However the waterbed has virtually disappeared from the world, only accounting for less than5% of new bed sales. But the 71-year old inventor thinks the waterbed is ready to return for a new generation to experience sleeping on a bag of water.  Hall is set to re-launch the waterbed with a slew of improvements such as new materials to suppress the wave action, foam around the edge instead of rigid wood that often made it hard to get out of the old school waterbeds and dual bladders that allow each side of the bed to have its own temperature control. And just like he did 50 year ago, Charlie Hall is teaming up with a good friend of his from the waterbed days, Keith Koening of City Furniture, with 16 stores in South Florida.  The Millennial waterbeds are set for a beta test in south Florida stores in coming days and for those looking to indulge can expect to pay about $2,000.

SOURCE: Seattle Times

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