Water Cooler Starts Office War Of Words

October 3, 2016

© Ron Chapple | Dreamstime

Harmony at the office can be difficult at time.  Generally the unhappiness of co-workers is amplified in the office kitchen.  The latest battle involves the watercooler at the British Broadcasting Network.  A worker placed a note on the watercooler jug asking his co-workers to quit plugging in the watercooler to chill the water.  It read, "A polite request - Please DO NOT plug in the watercooler. I like my water at room temperature. "I am fed up with having to bend over to unplug the machine, so please DO NOT PLUG it back in." Of course it has led to other notes placed on the watercooler, the most prominent being "but 90% of everyone else likes it chilled" but the one the summed it up best, we think, is the note that says "middle-class problems."

SOURCE: Mirror

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