A Water Bottle Could Ignite A Fire In Your Car

April 25, 2018

© Laurin Rinder | Dreamstime

You would never think a water bottle left in a car could be a scene of potential disaster. It appears that some people have reported smoke coming from their vehicles and a mystery as to what is causing it.  Believe it or not the culprit is a bottle of water sitting in direct sunlight, where the sun’s rays are narrowed to one spot on the seat which can cause it to char, smoke and if left long enough create a fire. A battery technician with the Idaho Power Company shared his story of his water bottle doing just that.  He was even able to the replicate incident with coworkers and were able to burn the seat again. It prompted fire officials in Oklahoma warn against leaving water bottles in cars with direct sunlight. While the potential of starting a fire with sun rays filtered and focused through a water bottle, the risk is low and colored drinks or tinted bottles don't pose a risk. However, you should probably tuck water bottles under the seat on sunny days.

SOURCE: Thrillist

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