Warning For Parents Using Lotions and oils on Infant's Skin

October 21, 2016

© Rene Jansa | Dreamstime

Baby massages have become increasingly popular with newborn parents who say that gently stroking their child is soothing and helps them bond. It has also been said to help stimulate babies' brains and improve their digestion. However rubbing lotion or oil on their skin can damage their skin and increase the risk of developing eczema, as childhood eczema now affects nearly one in three children, compared to just one in 20 in the 1940s.  Researchers at the University of Manchester in England warn that skincare products in stores have only passed cosmetic tests and there was no clinical evidence proving they were safe.  The new warning also covers natural oils such as sunflower and olive oils, which many parents feel are safe. Babies' skin is more fragile and permeable than adult skin and it can take up to two years for the barrier to develop fully. Health experts say most newborns and infants do not need any sort of lotion or oil on their skin and an unscented baby soap is all that is needed.  However consult your pediatrician if you feel your baby's skin is abnormally dry or have questions on what lotions are recommended.

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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