A Warning About Using Wi-Fi At An Airport

July 20, 2018

Air travel delays are never pleasant and an extended layover means hours of waiting and boredom.  Unfortunately for those with a limited data plan on their electronic devices, it usually means you are desperately seeking out a free Wi-Fi signal.  While airports offer free Wi-Fi, a cyber security firm says you should be careful when on these airport networks. In particular they ranked airports on the vulnerability of their wireless networks, finding that many of the nation’s busiest are unencrypted, and therefore easier for hackers to infiltrate. They visited the 45 busiest U.S. airports over a five-month period and found that San Diego International Airport is the most vulnerable. Other airports with sketchy Wi-Fi security are John Wayne Airport in Orange County, California, William P Hobby Airport in Houston, Southwest Florida International Airport in Fort Meyers and Newark Liberty International Airport.  Also making the top 10 list of weakest Wi-Fi security is Charlotte's Douglas International Airport, where many flight originating from Gainesville connect.  According to the study, victims fall prey to phishing scams and the installation of malware on their devices, which can occur when hackers build false pages that require login information.  According to Coronet, the cybersecurity firm that conducted this research, the best advice is to stay off the Wi-Fi when in an airport.

SOURCE: Thrillist

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