Want To Volunteer But Don't Have Time? Consider Micro-Volunteering

December 6, 2017

© Tommyandone | Dreamstime

Helping others, especially at this time of the year, not only helps those in need but makes you feel good.  But let's be honest, when can you volunteer and help those in need when you don't have enough time in eh day!  Simple.  Its call micro-volunteering. Many non-profits need clerical help, which can be done remotely and takes no more time than a few minutes unwinding on the couch to filling up your lunch break after you eat. Examples include translating documents to English for nonprofits, designing brochures for charities, and helping YouTube video producers create better captions to help deaf and hard-of-hearing viewers. You can find plenty of digital volunteer opportunities at sites like DoSomething.org and OnlineVolunteering.org.  There's even more specific micro-volunteering sites too.  If you are a history buff, you can transcribe historical documents so they’re more accessible to the public for the Smithsonian, track bird populations and migration patterns at ebird dot org. BeMyEyes.com matches you with a visually impaired person and using their camera in the phone, perform visual tasks via a live video connection and ICouldBe.org recruits volunteers to mentor at-risk kids online.


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