Want To Make More Money? Use This Joke

October 27, 2017

You've finally worked up the courage to ask your boss for a raise and while negotiating for more money can be tricky and confrontational, a joke or two may be needed to break the tension.  But there is one joke you must include as part of your strategy. A study suggested that when workers joked about being paid a ridiculously high amount, those subjects had more successful negotiations. The experiment worked with two groups of people, the control group who did not joke about salary and the joke group that asked for an outrageous salary using the line, “I’d love a salary of $100,000, but I’m really just looking for something fair.”  The results were a starting salary of $35,385 for the "joke" group and $32,463 for the control group. That's an almost $3,000 difference. It's all thanks to a brain activity called "anchoring" where your mind relies too heavily on one piece of information to make decisions. It plays such a big role in negotiations that it's the main reason why it is illegal in Massachusetts and eight other states are considering similar laws because if the asking salary is low, it can be an unfair anchor against you.  While making a ridiculously high salary joke may not get you a six-figure salary, it is a sneaky way of tossing that anchor overboard.  

SOURCE: Two Cents

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