Walmart To Begin Selling Ugly Produce in Select Florida Stores

July 22, 2016

When you walk into a grocery store, you notice the vast selection of fresh fruits and vegetables, all pretty and inviting you to purchase them. However most fruit and vegetables aren't deemed "pretty" enough and usually never make it to the store shelves.  Bruised apples, off color Eggplant and other ugly produce are all perfectly edible, yet are rarely and that leads to a lot of wasted food.  Walmart has launched a pilot program in 300 of its Florida stores to begin selling imperfect produce at a discount. Starting to hit shelves, you will see 5lb bags of blemished apples, labeled "I'm Perfect" for a lower price than their prettier cousins.  If all goes well, they have plans to expand the program to other ugly produce.   Whole Foods began selling imperfect produce at some of its California stores over the spring.

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