Visitors Judge Your Home

March 13, 2017

© Denise Kappa Dreamstime

Guests arrive at your home and you get the feeling they are judging you.  You'd be right! An interior design web site asked home visitors what are the most common things people notice when they visit someone else's house. Furniture location, lighting and smells are all noticed and while guest judge your furniture placement and lighting, they are also picturing how they would change it if it was their decision. Big plus for live houseplants and artwork.  In fact, your home's artwork is the most soul-peering objects in the home and it says a lot about you and your family, so make sure it is something you are proud of and don't settle. Beware of bold wall colors, survey-takers said red and brown walls evoked the strongest negative opinions. Finally dirty dishes in the sink are a turnoff but an acceptable one as messy dishes are relatable (as long as the visit from your friends were unexpected).

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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