Virginia Mom Upset About Daughter's Swim Instructor's Man Boobs

June 13, 2016

An Arlington, Virginal mother is declaring war on the city's Parks and Rec. department over her daughter’s swimming instructor. The mother, who goes by “Lynn” but didn’t want her last name used, to protect her daughter’s privacy, says a male swim instructor is showing too much skin — specifically, his man boobs — in the pool. In a letter she wrote to the city, she complained the "male instructor’s breasts were flopping on the water and we felt extremely uncomfortable with her getting into the water skin-to-skin...[and] in such close and intimate proximity to this man’s bare chest, breasts and chest hair cannot believe it is tolerated.  The city's response was the instructor wear swim suits that are appropriate for swimming pools and provide swim shirts for the colder days but do not require them to be worn.  The city offered to cancel the class enrollment and provide a full refund but that isn't good enough for Lynn, who wants the instructor to cover up his man boobs. 

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