Virgin Voyages Announced As Cruise Line For Adults Only

November 1, 2017

© Brett Critchley | Dreamstime

Entrepreneur and billionaire Richard Branson is looking to start his own cruise ship line. In keeping with his Virgin branding, Virgin Voyages will be setting sail with one big difference, these cruises are for adults only. Quick to put down anti-family rumors for the move, Sir Richard said the cruise line will cater to adults and parents in need of a vacation to themselves.  The first of three brand new ships currently being built in Italy will be ready for the first cruise in 2020, with $500 holding a room reservation for the first 2,700 guests..  While the destinations and ports are not yet known it is a fairly common assumption the cruise will be Caribbean in nature.  Virgin Voyages joins Richard Branson's empire of air travel, space travel and mobile phones. 

SOURCE: New York Daily News

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