Viewing Your Phone Before Bed May Not Be The Reason You Can't Sleep

October 9, 2017

© Andres Rodriguez Dreamstime

There have been a lot of studies and report that link your smart phone to a poor night's sleep. However this newer technology item may be taking the back seat in the bad sleep blame game to our old friend, the television. Yes there are numerous reports that link the light emitting from your phone with poor sleep, but watching TV in bed can also be harmful in relaxing yourself into slumber.  While reading news stories or looking at pictures on your phone can disrupt your sleep cycle, so can the audio and visual stimulus of the TV. However if you were to pick the lessor of evils, the TV would win as long as you are watching something that distracts you from sleep.  So putting on a movie you've watched hundreds of times before may give your mind the break it needs to fall sleep.  Just make sure the brightness of your TV is turned down and perhaps set the timer so it turns itself off so another show doesn't come on to stir up your silent slumber!


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