VIDEO: Parking Ticket Issued Because Car Parked Two Seconds Too Early

February 10, 2017

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No one likes getting a traffic ticket, especially when you receive a parking ticket because you pulled your car into a spot two seconds too early.  Providence, Rhode Island, home of the most stringent parking enforcement department in the country, also has a local weekly TV show that follow traffic court.  In a recent episode, defendant Sarah was in court to have her parking fine dismissed.  On Cushing Street, parking is not permitted between 8am to 10am. Sarah was aware of it as she approached an open parking spot.  Glancing at her car's clock, it showed 10am and she pulled into the spot.  To her dismay when she returned, there was a parking ticket on her windshield, with a time stamp of 9:59:58 on the ticket.  As Judge Caprio reads the charges on the TV show, Caught In Providence, while reading the charges against her, stops mid-sentence to say "oh no" when he notices the two second infraction.  Sarcastically, he scolds Sarah for breaking the city ordinances and proudly proclaims Providence parking enforcement is "second" to none as he dismissed the ticket and fee. Watch the reactions in the video:

SOURCE: Car Scoops

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