VIDEO: Nine Year Old Easter Egg Opened

April 17, 2017

© Robyn Mackenzie | Dreamstime

Yesterday the world celebrated Easter and many families received a visit from the Easter bunny, who hid colorful eggs around the house.  However one of the biggest fears is that not all of the hardboiled eggs are found. That is what one online videographer found in his parents couch that had been in storage for nine years.  Apparently back in 2008, not all of the Easter eggs were found, until last weekend, when the green, yellow, pink and purple tie-dyed hardboiled egg was discovered between the couch cushions. The man shook the egg to which it sounded like something was rattling inside.  However one he tapped the shell with a knife, it exploded to reveal a rotten, green egg.  Apparently the gases built up inside the shell were now free to cause onlookers to notice the pungent smell.

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