VIDEO: Florida Man Calmly Shoots Two AT&T Work Trucks In Front Of His House

July 21, 2017


In one of the most bizarre and scary stories ever, a 64-year old retired firefighter allegedly opened fire with his gun on two AT&T work trucks in front of his home [WATCH VIDEO HERE].  Yes, this happened in Florida.  Wednesday morning two AT&T bucket trucks pulled up to the 600 block of SE Fifth Place in Hialeah to do work on the overhead phone lines. Allegedly Jorge Jove was upset that one of the trucks were damaging his driveway, as they had in the past, says a neighbor and confronted the workers.  However these two trucks were parked on the street and continued to work.  About an hour later Jorge emerged from his house with a revolver handgun and opened fire on the parked trucks; shooting out the tires on one truck and shooting the engine itself on another while one worker was trapped inside a bucket over the street. Police say Jorge fired at least 18 shots in all, stopping to reload multiple times and did it without comments and completely calm. Thankfully no one was injured. Jorge was arrested and charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and released on a $30,000 bond.

SOURCE: Miami Herald

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