Victim Of Robbery Gets His Money Back By Hitting The Thief With His Car

September 22, 2016

Imagine emigrating from Portugal to Philadelphia with your family can be a tough move, especially when you are robbed within a month of moving to America.  Late Monday night a man, his wife and the couple's small child were all in the car and pulled to an ATM at a bank.  As the immigrant pulls out money, a masked gunman appears on the driver's side of the car, sticks the gun in his face and demands the money.  Startled and afraid for his family's safety, he hands over the cash and speeds off leaving his debit card in the machine. After a few moments coming to terms at what had just happened, the immigrant turned his car around to go back to the ATM for his card.  Amazingly, the robber pulled the same move again, this time with a knife and popping up from behind a bush towards the car.  However this time, the immigrant knew what to expect. He maneuvered the car and drove right into the robber.  The robber's knife was able to pierce through the windshield as the force of the car pushes the robber through the air and landing on the ground stunned.  The immigrant than gets out of the car, rustles through the robber's rocket and not only recovers his cash but his debit card and drives away.  Police found the attacker lying in the roadway as well as the knife. Police found the immigrant's car not too far away with the hole in its windshield.  The robber was taken to the hospital and once recovered, will be arrested for robbery. Police have no plans to file charges on the immigrant.


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