Veterinarian Advice On Owning A French Bulldog

May 4, 2018

© Fesus Robert | Dreamstime

The popularity of the French bulldog is growing with their adorable big-ears and snub-nose. But those features can lead to costly vet bills which has lead veterinarians to ask owners, is the French bulldog really for you?  That adorable smushed in face means the French bulldog is prone to breathing problems and those big ears mean they're more susceptible to ear infections, diarrhea and conjunctivitis (pink eye). While vets reported 12.7% had breathing issues, skin problems were the most common group of health problems.  All of which can mean hefty vet bills for re-occurring treatments.  Veterinarian groups hope that educating owners beforehand will prevent French bulldogs from living a life of misery because owners can't afford healthcare or owners simply abandoning them. It is always best to research breeds of dog to make sure you are comfortable with the costs associated with bringing them into your family.

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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