A a a a a Very Good Song Solves An Annoying Problem For Music Players

August 18, 2017

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In what many might say is an homage to Seinfeld, Samir Mezrahi has created a song about nothing and it appears to be a hit!  His song is called “A a a a a Very Good Song” and it's nothing but 10 minutes of silence.  So why is it #50 most popular song on iTunes?  Because it’s a hack of sorts to solve an annoying problem when playing music. By default, songs begin to play alphabetically. The five “A”s ensures this one is first on the list to play and that 10 minutes of silence allows you to not hear the exact same song every time you open your audio player or plug it into your car’s audio system.  Simply pushing next will begin the shuffle feature and your sanity is kept in check.  Surprising is the success of the song, which sells for $.99 on iTunes and Google Play; although it isn’t as popular on that music site.  Samir says he hopes his 10 minutes of silence keeps his 15 minutes of fame alive as he hopes to reach the number one spot on the iTunes sales chart.

SOURCE: StereoGum

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