Vampire & Werewolf Repellent Soaps

January 23, 2017

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It may not be Halloween but you still may feel the need to protect yourself from vampires.  An online soap shop has created vampire repelling soap that combines garlic and holy water into a handy soap bar. PoJo's Pure Vermont is behind the vampire repelling soap, which it is guaranteed to "repel even the most aggressive vampires" and "simply wash away the danger of vampire attacks."  Although you may not have too many friends hanging around with you after your cleanse, or protected yourself with the soap.  Garlic oil is the only fragrance in the soap, in addition to pure Vermont honey and creamy goat milk to keep your skin clean and healthy while thwarting the forces of evil! Complete your protection with Silver & Holy Water Werewolf Repelling soap too.  Containing flakes of silver mixed in rosemary oil and holy water to keep you safe. These soaps do come with a 100% money-back guarantee against physical attacks however the warranty doesn't cover spiritual or psychic attacks, so if Vlad charms you into his heart, you'll be out the $10 it costs to buy the bar of soap!

SOURCE: PoJo Pure Vermont

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