This Valentine's Day, Plan It In Reverse

February 12, 2018


Tomorrow is Valentine's Day. For some it's just another day and for others, it's day to celebrate your love. For those who partake in the celebration the template is pretty standard. Go out for a romantic dinner, come home and have romantic relations. But if you think about it, it may be better to flip-flop and have dinner last. Usually after an evening of cocktails, wine, dinner and dessert (because it's Valentine's Day), you're probably feeling full, not sexy, and ready to sleep once you get home. So if your plans for Valentine’s Day is full of love, start in the bedroom and then head out for that romantic dinner. It may even be easier getting a reservation later in the evening and you could justify an extra glass of wine and chocolate dessert after you've worked up an appetite!

SOURCE: Lifehacker (Jamie Green)

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