The Valentine's Day Gift Meant For Her Husband Ended up Ending A Marriage

February 14, 2018

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You wouldn't think a Valentine's Day gift would result in the ending of a 15 year marriage.  Neither did a 42-year old wife and mother of three when she was shopping for a Valentine’s Day gift for her husband.  Knowing the best kind of gift is one that's personal she stopped by a local book store and believed she had found it, a gift notebook titled 'What I Love About You by Me'. It is one of those books that you fill in the blanks to the romantic -inspired situations and questions.  But it was when she began to fill in the blank spaces she had a realization. As she began trying to think of nice things to say about her husband, she was unable to come up with anything. Page 28 asked her to complete the sentence, 'I still can't believe you ...' with 'are such a terrible husband'. Page 49 contained the prompt 'Nobody can ... like you,' to which she wrote 'disconnect'. She was honest with her answers and as she filled out the book it became clear to the woman she was in a loveless and unhappy marriage. Then she realized she had to leave him. Since making the decision to leave her husband - a move she said was long overdue - the woman has not looked back. She said although it has been hard she is sure the choice was the correct one, all thanks to a gift she bought herself.

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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