Valentine's Candies Vying For Your Dollar

February 10, 2017

© Pictac | Dreamstime

Valentine's Day is Tuesday and this weekend many a sweetheart will be looking to find the perfect gift.  Candy makers have high hopes you will shower your love with their brand of candy. Of course you still have the traditional heart-shaped box of chocolates but there are a lot of new players this year.  Hershey’s is offering White Cookie Cupcake Kisses as well as white-chocolate Red Velvet Kit Kats. Reese’s White Crème Peanut Butter Hearts. Mars is also embracing white chocolate with White Cheesecake M&Ms. Brach’s offering Emoticon Gummi Hearts. And why not set yourself apart from the pack.  It is estimated we will spend $18.2 billion on Valentine's Day presents.  

SOURCE: Fox News

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