Vacation Prep: Set Your iPhone To Block Unimportant Emails

June 14, 2017


You've waited so long for it, saved for it and are about to enjoy it!  We're talking about your summer vacation!  Two weeks of relaxation that is interrupted by a phone displaying hordes of emails that aren't really important. Instead of spending precious vacation time chained to your iPhone, take advantage of its nifty feature that keeps unimportant messages at bay. It's a feature not too many of us know about, until now.  You can filter out your emails by clicking on the desired email inbox (for those with multiple email accounts).  Look for the circle with three horizontal lines in it, which is at the bottom left corner of the screen.  Once opened you'll see the standard filters.  However if you select the "unread" filer, you'll open another menu with a whole bunch of other filters. You can choose to see only your unread messages, your flagged messages, or messages sent directly to you, rather than the carbon copied messages.  But the most useful feature is the VIP list, where you will only see emails from those you choose to receive.  You can flag important people's contact information with VIP status so you only get emails that are important to review immediately and all others will be hidden away.

SOURCE: Mental Floss

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