Use A Ping Pong Ball To Keep Your Christmas Tree Hydrated

December 4, 2017

© Fotofermer | Dreamstime

Now that the Christmas tree is up the daunting task of making sure it doesn't dry up begins.  Between the dog drinking from it and the kids forgetting to fill it up, your pricey evergreen can lose its needles before Christmas and even worse be a big fire hazard.  Here's a simple way to make sure your tree has plenty of water and all you need is a ping pong ball.  Place the ping pong ball in the water reservoir. When you can see the ball, it’s floating so you know your tree has enough water. If you can’t see the ball, then you know you need to give it water. Add water until you can see the ball again, and your tree won’t be thirsty. Problem solved!

SOURCE: Lifehacker

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