Use Nail Polish To Repair Window Screens

April 19, 2018


Although our spring is a bit cooler than normal, you can count that our hot and steamy Florida summers are not too far away.  While we have build huge screened structure to keep biting pests out of our patios and pool decks, a break in that nylon armor can lead to those pests invading our space.  So in the event you notice a small tear in your screen, look to a bottle of nail polish to repair it quickly! The technique works best on damaged areas that are 1/8 inch or smaller in diameter. Once applied, the nail polish acts as an adhesive to seal the damaged area, plugging up holes and preventing them from getting any larger. Use clear polish and you won't even notice the repair job. Simply clean and dry the damaged area, use a small paintbrush to dab or paint clear nail polish over the hole, making sure to cover the area entirely (don't double-dip if you don't want to get dirt or pollen in your bottle of nail polish.). Let it dry (use a hair dryer to speed things up) and then apply a second coat of nail polish once the first one has thoroughly dried. You're welcome!

SOURCE: Apartment Therapy

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