Use Amazon Echo And Google Play To Find Your Lost Phone

October 4, 2017

© Ylivdesign | Dreamstime

There is nothing more frustrating then losing your mobile phone.  Back in the days of widely used landlines, a simple call to it would alert you to its whereabouts.  Although most homes do not have a landline phone, many do have an Amazon Echo or Google Home and now there's a way for those items to locate your lost iPhone or Android phone.  It involves a platform called If This Then That (or IFITT), which use short sets of instructions that tie different Internet-connected devices or services together. It's how Amazon Echo and Google Play can turn on your lights or lock your doors.  So to use this nifty feature you first must sign up for and IFITT account.  On the web site, you select either Google Home or Amazon Echo.  Then you go back to that search window and look for "Phone Call" and complete the verification process. Then you simply turn on the service and choose a word phrase, like "I've Lost It Again".  So when you lose your phone, all you have to say is, "Alexa, I've lost it again" and your phone will begin to ring so that you can seek it as long as the phone has battery, the ringer is “on” and it isn't on "Do Not Disturb." Here are step-by-step instructions on how to set it up [CLICK HERE].

SOURCE: Lifehacker

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