U.S. Students Seek Free Tuition At Schools In Europe

March 31, 2017

© Monkey Business Images | Dreamstime

It's an anxious time for high school seniors as graduation is just around the corner and checking the mailbox fills your stomach with butterflies as you search for the letter from college admissions. But as many see college as the foundation for a successful career, the average debt of $30,000 for that degree leads to even more anxiety.  However there is a growing number of students who are leaving the United States and heading to Europe, where tuitions are a fraction of the costs and in many cases, college is completely free.  Beyond the States is a web site that offers assistance for students looking to study in Europe, where the average tuition per year ranges from $2,500 to $9,000 a year; a bargain compared to $9,000 to $32,000 at U.S. universities. In fact, all of the public colleges in Germany, Iceland, Norway, and Finland are free for residents and international students and in many cases degrees are earned in less than four years. Many are going out of their way to attract foreigners by offering programs taught entirely in English. Of course there are the downsides, you won't find frat parties, sorority houses, or football games overseas. European schools generally do not offer housing packages many students say the curriculum is so intense you won't even have time for apart time job. However the higher living costs, upwards of $10,000 a year is still much cheaper than tuition at a stateside public university. 


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