Update Your Phone's Software If It Uses Wi-Fi

July 24, 2017

Before you jump into the shower this morning, update your electronic devices to the most current software.  Although you may not be promoted by that little red circle that an update is available, you should force the updated iOS now as there is a serious security flaw when your device is connected to Wi-Fi.  In short, the computer chips that allow you to connect to Wi-Fi are vulnerable to a hacker, who may be able to access your device when connected on Wi-Fi and release malicious software. The security flaw affects both Apple and Android devices and while there was been no known cases of phones being hacked over this flaw, it's better to make sure that update is installed.  Google released an update on July 5th, while Apple released their patch on July 19th.  For Android phones, tap on APPS, then SETTINGS and check for an update (you may have to manually run it).  For Apple devices, tap SETTINGS, then GENERAL and SOFTWARE UPDATE. Better yet, have your device automatically update itself in the middle of the night so you are always up to date without the hassles!

SOURCE: MacWorld

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