The Unusual Uses Of Used Tea bags

June 18, 2018

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And you though tea bags were only to brew tea!  It feels so good to be able to do something with the things we'd normally discard, such as used coffee grounds as rose fertilizer.  There are many uses for those once-used tea bags that you'd never think about doing.  For instance, you can protect house plants from fungal disease by re-brewing a used tea bag and using the cooled weak tea to water your plants. You can neutralize odors naturally by spreading dried tea leaves in stinky spots like the cat litter box or in the bottom of your garbage bags. Speaking of stinky, you can rid your hands of onion and garlic smells by rubbing a used tea bag between them after washing. De-grease pots and pans by soaking hard-to-clean dishes in water with a used tea bag tossed in. The tea will help loosen stuck-on food and break up grease. Remove hair product build up without using another product and simply create this tea hair rinse. According to the web site, Housewife How-Tos, soak 3-4 used tea bags in warm water and pour it over your head after shampooing and conditioning as usual. Don't rinse as the tea adds shimmer. Chamomile will bring out the brightness of blondes while black tea will add a coppery shimmer for brunettes.

SOURCE: Apartment Therapy

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