An Unorthodox, Yet Honest Way To Sell Girl Scout Cookies

February 1, 2017

© Robhainer | Dreamstime

While we set our eyes towards the Super bowl on Sunday and out heart of Valentine's Day in a couple of weeks.  Most likely your stomach is set for Girl Scout cookies as the annual sales gets underway.  Charlotte McCourt had a goal of selling 300 boxes this year, but with her very unorthodox but refreshing approach only a child could pull off, she ended up selling much more.  Charlotte's story starts with two boxes.  Although she had sold 92 boxes total, only two were bought for our U.S. military troops. This bothered her enough to talk to her Dad about it.  He mentioned that he had a wealthy friend who would most likely buy cookies for the troops if she asked him and suggested she write him a letter.  So he gave Charlotte his lap top and she began to type. The letter, written with all the honesty of an 11 year old, included a list of each cookie, along with a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the best. Although Thin Mints scored a 9 for its “inspired” combination of chocolate and mint and Savannah Smiles rated as a “7” for its “divine taste", others didn't get such good reviews.  Trefoils received a low rating because it is "kind of boring" and Toffee-tastic described as "As flavorless as dirt." Charlotte goes on to say “If you have a wild sense of adventure, try the S’mores.” And to add even more credit to her evaluation of cookies, she included the two new s'mores-inspired cookies introduced this year but stated, “Full disclosure, I have not tried the S’mores so I cannot rate it in good conscience.” The wealthy man did purchase 25 boxes of cookies for the troops but Mike Rowe, former host of the TV show "Dirty Jobs" picked up on the story and joyfully reading it on his Facebook page, stating how refreshing to get such an honest review in this day of mistrust of news and newsmakers.  Since then, the public has purchased over 15,000 boxes and even receiving accolades from Girl Scouts headquarters, who praised her "entrepreneurial skills."


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