An Underwater Vineyard Is Making Waves At The Dinner Table

July 20, 2017

© Dzmitri Mikhaltsov | Dreamstime

Now get ready for a totally different way to experience wine, that is, as long as you know how to swim!  A Croatian vineyard offers their wine underwater for visitors to dive down and pick up a bottle for themselves. Edivo Vina wines start the traditional way after bottling with a three month stay in a wine cellar.  Then each bottle is placed inside a clay jug and pinned under 82 feet of sea water in the Adriatic Sea for a couple of years. According to the vineyard, the sea provides natural cooling which improves the quality of the wine. Wine connoisseurs can don on a wet suit, mask and air tank to retrieve their unique bottle of wine, which are covered in barnacles and other sea life, which makes quite a piece of art once you've finished the bottle.

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