Underarm Deodorant Made From Whiskey

November 20, 2017

© Vadimgozhda Dreamstime

Whiskey has been used to celebrate life occasions, season foods and now to keep you B.O. at bay.  Pit Liquor actually uses whiskey and other grain alcohols as deodorant that not only rid your armpits of smell-causing bacteria but do it with the use of chemicals.  It was created by a Colorado couple, who were looking for a chemical-free way to keep B.O. in check.  They discovered that the alcohol in hand sanitizer worked well in killing the odor-causing bacteria and though there must be a "fun" way to market this rather than a simple alcohol-based product. So after experimenting with other grain alcohols they found out that whiskey not only a good, natural alternative to drugstore deodorant, but the alcohol smell dissipates quickly, so you don't smell as if you just rolled out of the bar. Mixed in with teas and other natural herbs they came up with Pit Liquor deodorant.  Each whiskey-based deodorant is infused with another pleasant scent such as Whiskey Lavender, Whiskey Vanilla and Whiskey Black Pepper. The Kickstarter campaign has raised well over its $12,000 goal with a $7 donation you'll get a 1 ounce spray bottle of deodorant, good for an entire month in the scent of your choice by February of 2018.

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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