Underage Girl Unknowingly Flashes Bartender's ID Card Lost Years Ago

May 18, 2018

Talk about a case of Deja Vu!  22-year old Kleo McHugh has been a bartender in New York City for about four years and of course she has a good eye for catching fake IDs.  But this one has to take the cake.  She shared her story online of a recent encounter where a group of girls came into her bar and attempted to order alcohol.  Kleo asked for their IDs but the girls were doomed from the start.  The first girl handed Kleo her ID to which she laughed because it was an ID of her friend Jess.  She told the girl 'nice fake, I know Jess' and handed it back. The finally one of the girls handed Kleo her ID and when Kleo looked at the picture she began to laugh ever harder.  Apparently the underage girl had unknowingly handed Kleo her own ID card she lost a few years ago! Kleo laughed in shock and told the girl, 'nice fake, not the best picture of me is it?' Because the bar serves food she let the girls order but didn't serve them alcohol.  It gave Kleo some time to hear the story of her long lost ID>  The girl who currently possess it says a girl had found it and used it until she turned 21 and sold it to the girl who got busted flashing it to Kleo.

SOURCE: BuzzFeed

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