Underage Girl Downs Stolen Beer and Gropes Paramedic At Walmart in The Villages

January 12, 2017
police lights

Being under 21, downing unpaid for beers and groping the paramedic trying to assist you is no way to go through life. Perhaps advice that's too late for 18 year old Shelby Conder. She was charged with petit theft, battery on a police officer and resisting arrest following the incident at a Walmart in Sumter County last week.  According to the arrest report, the underage girl stopped by the beer aisle and downed 5 cans.  She eventually made contact with the store manager, informing him she was drunk and wanted to go home.  He notified police and a short time later Sumter County Sheriff deputies arrived to investigate.  This is where Shelby began to show the poor decisions you can make while drunk.  While being arrested and placed into custody, she allegedly kicked one of the deputies in the leg and while a paramedic was evaluating her before being taken to jail, she began to grope him. According to the arrest report, while in the patrol vehicle, she apologized for hitting the deputy but said nothing about the paramedic. 

SOURCE: Local 6 Orlando

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