Ugly Christmas Rompers For Men Are In

November 2, 2017

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Many may remember the year 2017 as the year of men fashion extremes.  From the dad bod to the man bun and who can forget the rompers, known by one brand name as RompHim.  Merging one fashion icon with another has landed the web site GetOnFleek dot com on the front page of attention as they combine the romper and the ugly Christmas sweater to create Ugly Christmas Rompers.  Your choice of an Ugly Santa Suit which is the class red suit with white trim, Ugly Elf Romper with a green top half and horizontal red and white stripe bottom half. The Ugly Classic Christmas Romper decorated with stocking, lights and trees and even an Ugly Hanukkah Romper printed with dreidels and a menorah in the center.  Either way they're sure to be a topic of conversation this holiday season!  Each cost $99.


SOURCE: GetOnFleek

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