Uber Updates App To Save Frequently Used Destinations

May 11, 2017

© Farrukh Maqbool | Dreamstime

Good news for Uber travelers who are directionally challenged.  The transportation network has updated their app so that you’ll never have to remember a specific address. The "Saved Places" feature now allows you to save any address you input.  So when you head over to Steve and Marcy's place, you can now bookmark the destination for future visits. In fact, the app will give you this option for every new destination, which should make things easier for both you and your Uber driver.  So the next time you want to visit a friend, go to your favorite restaurant or that little dive bar with the great band, you tap "Where To" on the app and then “more saved places” and select from your list. An added bonus is you can customize your list with emojis. You can also edit your list anytime [CLICK HERE FOR INSTRUCTIONS]. So download the update, which is available for both iOS and Android.

SOURCE: Elite Daily

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