Uber-Style Washer And Dryer Program Being Tested

November 30, 2016

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We have strangers use their cars to take us places, we have strangers rent us their homes.  So why not use a stranger's washer and dryer for launder our clothes?  Electrolux is testing out a program that pairs those who use traditional laundromats with homeowners who will charge a fee to use their own machines. The program says it will help lower costs for those who use traditional laundromats while helping washer and dryer owners recoup costs associated with purchasing expensive machines.  However there are downsides that Electrolux is aware of, such as machines the destroy articles of clothing, how does the homeowner accommodate those using their machines and other concerns.  The company isn't offering a timetable for launch of the Uber-type laundry service. Would you participate in such a service?  Answer today's poll on our mobile app for iPhone and Android.  Down it for free from iTunes or Google Play or through these direct links:

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SOURCE: Engadget

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