Typing Speed And Accuracy Nearly Identical For Professional And Self-Taught Typists

October 24, 2016

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When it comes to typing, are you a Mavis-Beacon pro?  Or more like a chicken pecking at the ground.  For years the latter has been the butt of typing ridicule but no more! According to a study out of Vanderbilt University says those who are self-taught typist are just as fast and accurate as those who took typing classes. Those two-fingered typist, generally referred to as self-taught, averaged about 72 words per minute compared to 80 words per minute for those who were trained the touch-typing method of 8 fingers on the "home row" and thumbs on the space bar. The study also found that keyboard knowledge for both groups to be incomplete and inaccurate. However When the keyboard was obscured the speed and accuracy of the nonstandard typists dropped while that of the standard typists remained about the same. The study also found that most of the typing we do involves composing messages, not directly copying printed material, which is the core of typing speed tests. Here they found that a skilled typist who could type 78 words per minute dropped down to just 45 while creating a message.

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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