Two Women Argue Until They Pass Out

August 23, 2016


Yesterday we talked about taking a moment to visualize a current argument in a year from now to see if it's worth fighting over.  For two women, they may still be arguing about the same thing in a year's time.  Apparently two women have dug in deep over a disagreement of money and debt and argued over it for 8 hours, only stopping when they both passed out from heat exhaustion and dehydration. According to the Chinese Business Review, two women got into an argument around midday last Tuesday, where the country is in the midst of a record-breaking heat wave summer.  The conversation escalated into a full blown verbal fight to the point that police were summoned to settle it.  However neither one of them wanted outside input and continued their fight once police left.  Eight hours later the police were called back out to scene, only to discover the two women laying on the road passed out, as neither of them ate or drank until their discussion ended. There is no word of the two resumed their argument once they rehydrated.

SOURCE: South China Morning Post

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