Two Tricks To Keep Veggies Fresh Longer

April 24, 2017

It is painful to throw away food from the refrigerator because it soiled before you got a chance to eat it.  Many times you have a recipe for only one of something that is only sold in multiple amounts.  For instance, celery.  While a couple of stock of celery are needed, you can't find it in smaller portions than 8 to 10.  Here's a trick.  Keep the unused celery stalks in your fridge's vegetable crisper and keep in tightly wrapped, but not completely sealed, aluminum foil.  The foil will keep the celery moist and crisp while allowing the ethylene gas, which causes them to ripen and rot, to escape. This trick can keep celery fresh for up to two weeks.

Another unconventional freshen trick is for onions and all you need is a pair of stockings or panty hose.   Cut the leg off and place the onion in the leg until it reaches the toe. Then tie a knot in it and do the same with the next onion until the leg is full.  Then leave it hanging in a cool and dry spot but in the light. When you ne d an onion, cut the bottom one off (remember to keep the knot in place so the other onion does fall out) and enjoy. The inions suspended in stockings allow air to circulate completely around it to slow down chances of rot.  This should keep those onions fresh for half a year.

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