Two Hands-Off Ways To Steam Corn

June 14, 2018

© Gordon Bell | Dreamstime

It's summer and that means fresh corn on the cob is easily available and while grilled corn is hard to top, steamed corn is delicious too.  But before you reach for the big pot and fill it with water (and heat up the house), enlist the help of your Instant Pot. If you're cooing for just a few people, it only takes three minutes once it gets under pressure.  Simply add two cups of water to the insert, set the steamer basket down inside (, trim the ends of the cobs so they fit in the pot, close, set to steam and add three minutes.  For a larger crew of corn lovers, cook the corn using a cooler.  All you do is add your corn cobs (in their husks) into an empty cooler.  Then add two kettles of boiling water, close the lid and leave it alone for 30 minutes. So instead of watching your corn boil in the kitchen or waiting for space on the grill to cook, you can enjoy your company.

SOURCE: Lifehacker

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