Twitter Supermute Temporarily Blocks Phrases

April 18, 2017


You love Twitter but it can be a spoiler for those who tweet the season finale of your favorite show before you'd had a chance to watch it!  Or those annoying topics that you just need a break from reading. You could "mute" the person but unless you go back to "unmute" them, you're opening up the chance of an awkward situation later on down the road (remember "unfriending" on Facebook?).  No worries with Supermute, a Twitter extension that allows you to temporarily block key words, phrases or people for up to seven days.  So if you don't want to see The Walking Dead tweets in your feed until you watch the show, you can "supermute" anyone who may spill the beans and ruin your viewing experience!  The Twitter extension is free [CLICK HERE>.

SOURCE: Lifehacker

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