Airports Are Scrutinizing Your Snacks

July 19, 2018

Yet another reason you may want to show up early at the airport.  Besides removing your shoes and placing all your liquids in a clear, plastic baggie, now many airports are requesting you to take out your snacks from your bag and place them in a separate bin for extra scrutiny.  TSA isn't judging you on your snack choices but apparently a lot of foods look like bombs. While still not a mandatory policy, it's becoming increasingly common. Some airports request that you remove food items from your bag every time you go through security, while others request that you do it only after the X-ray machine notices suspicious shapes. The next time you travel, consider packing your snacks in their own bag so you can easily put them through the X-ray conveyor without having to dig through your perfectly folded clothes.

SOURCE: She Knows

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