The Truth Is You Probably Are Overpaying For Auto Insurance

October 17, 2017

© Brian Sullivan | Dreamstime

We hear commercials all the time suggesting that we're overpaying for auto insurance.  Come to find out, it's more truthful than a marketing statement.  Creator of an insurance clearing house,, asked several thousand car owners to share how much they’re paying for their insurance and what they found those insured with Farmers, Nationwide and State Farm are most likely overpaying. Out of the 18 companies analyzed, 15 of them have a likelihood of more than 50% of being too expensive. So why are we content in paying more money?  Because of the hassles of completing new paperwork, numerous calls and policies disclosures and enough industry jargon that most of us would rather overpay then deal with the hassles of switching companies.  But it may not be a bad idea to shop around, especially if your situation has changed from when you got your original policy.  Purchasing a new car, moving to a new house, number of claims filed, miles driven to work, additions and subtraction of drivers can be determining factors in how much you are charged.  In short, bite the bullet and shop around for lower insurance rates from time to time.


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