True Love Waits As A Couple Waits 65 Years To Finally Marry

November 15, 2016

It took 65 years but 82 year old Helen Andre married her love, 86 year old Davy Moakes in a ceremony last Friday that took them back in time to when they were just starting in life.  In a story that shows true love always prevails, the couple had always been in love but unable to marry.  Back in 1951 the two met at art school when he was 21 and she was 16.  They had planned to marry but standards were different then. Helen's parents did not approve of the marriage and forced her to break off their engagement, concerned that an artist lifestyle would not be sufficient to financially support their daughter. Since then Helen met another man, three to be exact outliving each of them.  One day, she happened to be in the small town where she met Davy all those years ago and noticed a sculpture with a familiar last name.   It just so happened it was created by 57 year old Adrian Moakes, the son of her lost love, Davy.  Helen's daughter decided to track down her mother's love and through social media was able to find Davy, who like his long lost love, had outlived his wife, who recently passed way.  Davy met up with Helen to catch up and reminisce. Even after six decades apart and falling in love with others, who each had successful marriages of their own, their love with still there and the two finally got the chance to tie the knot.  The two married at the courthouse and went off on a two week honeymoon.